A radically better corporate card for your business

An unprecedented card solution for businesses of all sizes. It's like nothing you've seen before. Period.

Fuell seamlessly integrates with your favourite bank and accounting systems
Fuell Card
Fuell - Apps and Card

Fuell Corporate Card is a card issuer and an expense management software, at the same time. And that makes all kinds of new things possible. Eliminate the need for expense reports, manage your company’s spending (employees and providers) in real-time, set and control budgets, get credit increases as your business grows, rewards your business with cash backs, and much more. It’s the corporate card we wanted for ourselves. 

Set spending limits per card

You can feel comfortable giving a corporate card to every employee. Boost trust and transparency while staying in control.

Control expenses and prevent fraud by setting custom authorization rules like allowed merchant categories and per-cardholder spending limits.

Fuell - Virtual Card - Control Expenses
Create Budgets

Create Budgets that are automatically updated

No more overspending. Easily set up budgets and add people. With real-time tracking you will never go over budget again.

Budgets can be set by teams, projects, events, or any other way you want to track your spending.

Are you ready for real control?

Say goodbye to expense reports

Use your card, get a push notification in your phone, upload the receipt, select a budget, and you’re done. Pretty simple. 

Everybody  dreads the time-wasting process of wrangling receipts and doing expense reports. It’s also unfair when the team has to spent their own money and then wait to get reimbursed. With Fuell, you’ll never have to do another expense report again. 

Say goodbye to expense reports
Fuell dashboard

Have real-time visibility

Every time a Fuell cards is swiped, the transaction is visible to the spender, the budget owner and the company admin – immediately.

No more flying dark until everyone files their reports and the month expense reconciliation is completed.

Get credit that fits your business

We help businesses of all sizes (from recently incorporated to later-stage companies) to instantly access the money they need.

  • No interest, no fees.
  • No personal liability
  • Higher credit limits that any other card. It also automatically increases as your business grows
  • 30/60 days to pay back
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Instant approval without paperwork
Coming soon

Issue a virtual card for each provider

Create as many virtual cards (burner cards or subscription cards) as you need. A perfect feature to separate business providers and track business expenses as they happen.

Finance Software

Seamless integration with finance software

Automatically import transactions to your expense management and accounting software (Quickbooks, Sage, Expensify, Xero, etc.) with our out-of-the-box integrations.

Coming soon

Send and request. It's like Bizum for your business

Budget owners can send money to their team on a monthly basis. However, If a team member needs extra money at some point you can send and request money in seconds. Funds will be instantly available.

Send and request
Make Business Travel Easy

Make business traveling easy

Get entreprise travel rates. Fuell has partnered with a third party to offer the best travel experience to Fuell customers.

Coming soon

Get cash backs. No gimmicks.

When you buy something using Fuell Card, you get a percentage of your purchase back. Rewards are uncapped, never expire, and offered in the categories you use the most. Make Fuell your exclusive corporate card and get in on the most valuable rewards program available.

Expected 2021


On Rideshare

Uber, Cabify, taxi, scooter. However you want to get there, you’ll earn points on every ride.


On FuellTravel

Book flights, hotels and even Airbnb stays with Fuell and redeem rewards points for travel. 


On Restaurants

Earn points back on dining and coffee shops. Great for team lunch or treating candidates. 


On Recurring Software

Turn your subscriptions into cash back. Salesforce, Github, Slack, and anything you can put on a card.


On Everything Else

Earn points for all your spend, including big ticket items like digital ads and servers.

Additional Benefits

Customers get signup bonuses (free subscriptions, discounts, etc.) on top services to run and grow your company

Expected 2021

Benefits - DigitalOcean


Benefits - Intercom


Benefits - Google Ads

Google Ads

Benefits - Airtable


Only 10€ user / month

You can access to our whole platform with a flat fee of 10€ user / month, including a physical card and several virtual cards. Users without card (bookkeeper) are free.

There aren’t hidden fees, paid plugins or commitments. Nothing. Nada.