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fuell for expenses

You don't need anything else to manage your expense reports.

Every time you use your Fuell Mastercard, take a picture of the receipt and forget about it. You don’t need to keep it phisically  because we are approved by the Agencia Tributaria.

You have already spent too much time making expense reports, it’s time for us to take care of it!

Fuell Expenses

Forget about expense reports.

Pay with your card, select the category of that specific transaction, take a picture of the ticket and forget about anything else. Fuell app has been designed to make expense reports authomatically so you can focus on what really interests you.


Fuell recovers VAT automatically

Fuell is the only expenses manager that is  able to recover your VAT automatically. Fuell generates an invoice through your restaurant, parkings and taxi transactions. 

Stop wasting time entering data by hand.

Do you still compleate your expense reports by hand? This out-dated task has its days numbered. Don’t waste any more hours, let Fuell take care of the expense reports for you.  

Take control of your finances

Do you need to increase your budget assigned? Ask for it directly through our app and get  approval inmmediatly. Send money to other colleagues or transfer funds to a different project. With Fuell,  the financial power is in your hands.

Keep your budgets under control

A virtual card per supplier.

Create as many cards as you wish, by supplier, project or employee. Control how your expenses evolve at all times  and cancel them when you no longer need them.   

Software contable

Integration with your accounting software

Nobody likes system migrations and that is why Fuell integrates directly with your accounting software, thanks to our modules. 

Available soon.  

Other benefits

Get free subscriptions or discounts to improve your services and grow your business. 


Available in 2021


Digital Ocean

Google Ads


Zen Desk





Why is Fuell different from other companies?

Fuell cards and app are designed to simplify your life. We have put ourselves in your shoes to create the easiest tool to manage your benefits.  

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Other expense management solutions
Flexible and personalised budgets.

Assign and update budgets in real time. 

Forget about reimbursements.

End up with cash expenses and expenses in advance from employees. 

Automatic Data Update

Each expense and receipt picture is automatically stored on our server.