The inside story of Fuell’s branding

Fuel has two different meanings in English, two different definitions that are key to explain our branding:

  • Noun – any material that is used to provide power.
  • Noun – anything that keeps people’s ideas or feeling active, or makes them stronger; a source of sustenance or incentive; a reinforcement.

Providing Power

We founded Fuell because we believe we can provide an important service to the world boosting prosperity by reinventing B2B financial products, starting with corporate cards.

We are starting this B2B-financial-products revolution with Fuell Corporate Card, which offers credit to business of all sizes, fueling their growth. Our goal with this first product is to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to efficiently work towards their purpose. 

Reinforcing an excellent culture

We aim to develop products that significantly improve the lives of as many people as possible. In order to achieve this, we will make our products as widely available as we can, for instance by providing most of our services for free.

We also believe the success of any organizations comes down to the people and the culture. To achieve that all prosperous teams have to codify and teach a culture, but most importantly they have to live it. For this reason we have embedded systematized principles in all of our products. In other words, our tools are carefully designed to be a stimulant of fundamental timeless & universal principles such as trust, transparency and truthfulness.

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